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Tyler/Sworn In/lover
instagram: @tylerdennen

dead guy and a busted lip

Anonymous said: Have you been having odd dreams lately?


Anonymous said: Don't be a cheeky bitch tyler, don't let them get to you. Stay golden.


satansunicorn-666cunt said: Do you ever look in the mirror and think "Damn... I'd F$#K me." ?~


fionathe0gre said: cats or dogs?

tough call

Anonymous said: Can you see anything when your on stage without you glasses?

I wear contacts

Anonymous said: Don't ever come to Pomona and play at glasshouse because we don't like that stupid metal core bullshit fuck you poser ass bitches with your fucking 30 sec breakdowns fuck emmure fuck Attila fuck the ghost inside fuck all you pussies. Real hardcore minority unit, terror, rotting out, xibalba, foundation, backtrack, suburban scum. Please just stick to warped tour oh and take that faggot Parker cannon and his gay ass band with you.

this is hilarious